Cream pasta with Anchovy

There are quite a lot of pasta with anchovy and many of them are pretty salty, aren’t they. However, if we don’t put lots of anchovy, it doesn’t seem like it is an anchovy spaghetti…but if we put a lot, it gets too salty…

With that said, I usually use Bagna càuda for something to do with anchovy recipes. Of course we should also not be using too much of it, but it is much easier to use than anchovy itself, and it has a complicated flavor to make the dish delicious!

Anchovy Cream Pasta

I put some botargo(dried mullet roe) on this pasta recipe at the restaurant SOU:)

Two tablespoonful of Bagna càuda sauce
80cc(3 oz) of heavy cream (35%)
100g of spaghetti
Some minced parsley
some black pepper
some Extra Virgin Olive Oil
some botargo(dried mullet roe)

[How to cook]
If you are like, “What is bagna cauda sauce?”, please click the Bagna càuda sauce under ingredients. When you use it for pasta especially, please choose a mild flavored anchovy.

Put about one tablespoonful of bagna cauda and some heavy cream like the picture below.

Anchovy Cream Pasta1

It is like this. Once you put them in the pan, turn on the heat (between low and medium), mix them up and boil till the cream becomes thicker.

Anchovy Cream Pasta2

Once it becomes like the picture above, put the spaghetti you boiled under “How to cook pasta”. (You need to make sure to strain the pasta very well.)

Anchovy Cream Pasta3

You usually use the water you boiled pasta to adjust the saltiness and the concentration of the sauce, but you will use some regular hot water this time not to make the sauce too salty. You will add some bagna cauda at the end to make the right saltiness.

Place the pasta with the sauce on a plate, put about one tablespoonful of bagna cauda (it is up to your preference), some minced parsley, black pepper, and extra virgin olive oil.

Also if you have, you will also put some thinly sliced botargo(dried mullet roe). The color will be beautiful, and the rich flavor from the botargo will be added to make the dish more gorgeous!

People think all the botargo is very expensive, but there are some inexpensive one, too. If you are using it for pasta, the reasonable one is just fine!

If you make bagna cauda, I would definitely like you to try making this pasta! (^_^)v