This is a spicy tomato sauce spaghetti. Spicy is delicious, isn’t it? This is the pasta I think I would want to eat many more times than other ones!


a teaspoonful of minced garlic
some olive oil
5-6 sliced pickled jalapeno peppers
80cc(3 oz) of Basic Tomato Sauce
some parmesan cheese
some minced parsley
100g(3.5 oz) of Spaghetti

[How to cook]
When you see the ingredients, you might think “What is pickled jalapeño pepper?” This is it.


 This is so good for the people who love spicy stuff. I purchase from a trader/merchant. I have not seen it at any store so far. If I see it, I will let you guys know.

 Put the minced garlic and olive oil in a pan over low heat.

 Once the color becomes like this, you will add 5-6 sliced jalapeño peppers and the Basic Tomato Sauce.


 Add some water and cook it over medium heat. You will cook until the quantity is like before adding some water to make the tomato sauce spicy.


 Cook pasta using “how to cook pasta” recipe, add them into the sauce with parmesan cheese and some water you boiled pasta to adjust the saltiness and concentration of the sauce.

 Place it on a plate, put some parmesan cheese, minced parsley, and some extra virgin olive oil…and it is done!!