Bagna càuda

Bagna càuda is a popular Italian sauce made of garlic and anchovy. It is good for veggie stick dip, pasta sauce, etc…
It is so good when this turns out very well.

Bagna càuda

Bagna càuda looks like this. It is delicious!…much much better than it looks.

400g/about 0.9 lbs of garlic
400cc of milk
200g/0.44 lbs of anchovy in oil
300cc of pure olive oil

This sauce can last up to one month when refrigerated. Or, one half of the recipe is enough for a family.

[This is how you make the Bagna càuda.]
First, consider the anchovy. “Choosing the right anchovy” is everything!!
The anchovy is salted sardine in oil, so it is very salty. Please choose a mild flavored one. We will smash it, so the anchovy doesn’t have to be a perfect shape.
This is what I use, but you may have trouble finding this brand even on-line. SO flat anchovy is the closest match I could find or Talatta piece of anchovy in sunflower oil, both should be available on-line or in speciality shops.
Bagna càuda4

First, peel the garlic skin and cut each clove into 3 pieces. (If the garlic has sprouted, take the sprout off.)
Put all the garlic you cut in a pot and add water just to cover. Once it boils, throw the water out and pour in milk. (400cc)

Adjust the heat to not boil the milk. Reduce the liquid by simmering over low heat.  

Bagna càuda1

When it looks like the picture above, it is good. If you cook too long, it would scorch.

Put the anchovy in the same pot.

Bagna càuda2

Then, smash it with a wooden spatula. Once you finish smashing, pour the olive oil (300cc) and simmer again over low heat for 10 minutes, stirring the mixture constantly from the bottom to avoid scorching the sauce.

Bagna càuda3

After 10 minutes, remove from heat and let it cool down. Store in a covered container large enough to cover the garlic and anchovy completely in oil.

This is a typical way of using bagna càuda sauce.
Put some of the bagna càuda sauce into a small pan and heat it over low heat. It has to be a low heat since it is very easy to burn. Poor the sauce into a heat-resistant container like cocotte. Eat it with vegetable sticks, cooked vegetables, etc.


You will have happy guests if you present the sauce like the picture above!!