I think this pasta can be very different from a person to person who makes it. When I make it, I try to make it with garlic flavor and spiciness to it, and also make it to the pasta you can enjoy eating till it’s gone. It has not been on our restaurant menu yet. Please enjoy making it at home.


One egg
One egg yolk
some parmesan cheese
A little more than one table spoon milk
A little more than one table spoon of heavy cream
some black pepper
Some olive oil
a clove of garlic
One red pepper
50g(2 oz) of pancetta (Bacon is also fine)
100g(3 oz) of Spaghetti
some minced parsley
Some Extra Virgin Olive Oil

[How to cook]
In the ingredients, mix the ingredients from the egg to black pepper in a bowl. You will put not too much parmesan cheese at this moment since you can add it later.


If you use bacons, please choose the bacon that is a block and look delicious because this pork fat influences the flavor of the sauce a lot.


You will cut the pancetta a little thicker like the picture, and smash the garlic. As for the red pepper, fold in half and take the seeds out. If you are not fond of spiciness, use the pepper without folding in half.

You will put the garlic and some olive oil in a pan and cook over low heat. Once the garlic turns brown, put the pepper to make the oil spicier.


Put the pancetta and keep cooking over low heat in order to let the fat and umami out of it. You will place the garlic and the pepper on the pancetta not to make them burn.


Once it turns like the picture above, put the pasta you cooked under “How to cook pasta’ recipe. When I make carbonara, I cook pasta 30 seconds less than usual. Because you have a lot to do from now, you will cook pasta a little harder in order to feel comfortable to finish everything in time.

Once you put the tasty oil to the pasta you just made from pancetta in the pan, place the pan on a wet towel to reduce the heat of the bottom of the pan. It is because if you put the egg mixture while the pan is still hot, it will be pebbly right away.


It is like the picture. You might do the same thing when you make pancakes.

It is getting harder! You will pour the egg mixture into a pan and cook over low heat. It is important to keep mixing it like you rub the pan’s surface with a rubber spatula. You need to use the heat-resisting rubber spatula. I remember that I had a hard time long time ago since the rubber spatula I was using melted…


At first, it is a liquid form like the picture above. When you cook it for a while,


you will start to see the rubber spatula marks on the pan surface like the picture above. You need to cook it till this condition. If you are scared of making a mistake and turn off the heat, you might feel disgusting since the egg mixture is not cooked enough.

Once the sauce looks like the picture, put some water you boiled pasta.You need to make sure that egg won’t change to crumblings with more heat.

The amount of the water you will put here is a little bit waterier than the sauce you eat as carbonara.

You will taste the flavor here. If you need a little more flavor, add some more water (you boiled pasta) and parmesan cheese. Then you will cook it one more time over low heat till 2 steps before your favorite concentration for the sauce. (It means the sauce should look a little waterier than you like.) You will place the pasta with the sauce on a place.

Put some parmesan cheese, minced parsley, extra virgin olive oil…and black pepper. The black pepper you see in the first picture (completed pasta picture) is the round pepper I smashed with a tenderizer. It will make the pasta look more like carbonara! It is done!

On my…it took a long time to write down…I was not sure if I was writing well while writing this recipe…I realized that it doesn’t take that long to cook it, but it is very hard to write the recipe down. I hope you will get what I wanted to show you…