Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce

 This is a popular “Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce”. Even though it is pretty popular, It is not easy to make it right.

 The cream will be better when you add “umami” to it. If you don’t add “umami” to the sauce, it is just a cream sauce without a good flavor.

Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce
Let’s get started!

One handful of more than three kinds of mushrooms      
One clove of garlic 
Some bacons
Some heavy cream
Some fond de veau
Some olive oil
Some parmesan
Some black pepper
Some minced parsley
100g of spaghetti (De Cecco # 11)

[How to make]
 I am sorry that the ingredients don’t have measuring almost at all. However, this is the only way I can tell you since I do not measure when I make this… Please see the picture and get the idea of how much you will need for each ingredient. 

 Smash the garlic by hand. Tilt a pan and put some olive oil just to cover one side of the garlic and cool over low heat.

Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce1

Once one side of the garlic is getting brown, turn the garlic over.

Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce1.5

You will cook the other side over low heat like the picture shown.

 While you are cooking the garlic, prepare the mushrooms and the bacons. Cut all the different kinds of mushrooms into about the same size. Sliced bacons can be used instead of the block ones.

Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce2

Stir-fry the mushrooms first over medium heat. Please do not mix/stir them very much. You will need to stir or turn the mushrooms not to burn them. If you mix occasionally, the mushrooms don’t turn into a nice color for a long time. Once the mushrooms turn into the nice color like the picture, toss the bacon which is the first “umami” ingredient. Turn the heat to low and make the bacon’s oil out.

Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce3

 Next is cream’s turn. Pour the cream into the pan as the picture.

Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce4

 By the way, do you see something brown on the above of the center of the picture? This is the key to this pasta, the second “umami” ingredient, Fond de Veau!! Use one or two teaspoonful. 

 I have never used canned Fond de Veau, so it is hard to say…but I think it is better to use it than nothing.

Mushroom Cream Pasta Sauce5

Keep the low heat and cook till the picture shown above. It is quite a rich sauce. This is the time to put the pasta you cooked under “How to cook pasta” and put some parmesan cheese.

 By using the water you used to cook pasta, you will adjust the saltiness and the concentration of the sauce. Then, serve the pasta on a plate.

 Put some parmesan cheese, black pepper, parsley, and Extra Virgin Olive oil…then Completed!!