Onion Paste

 This onion paste is the professional taste, and the restaurant flavor, I think. There is nothing difficult. The ingredients are only onions and butter. You just stir-fry, stir-fry, and keep stir-frying…

 It is not very hard to do for chefs since we are in a kitchen all day long. However, it might not be that easy for you guys to be in a kitchen for hours to just make this…

  This sweet Onion paste is very good for appetizers, potage, pasta, sauce for meats, etc.. It is freezable, so please try cooking this when you have time.

Onion Paste


[How to make]
I’d like you to use at least 2-3 onions. You will stir-fry the onions for a quite long time, so the portion will be much smaller. In addition, it is easier to burn if the contents were much smaller than a pot you use.

Onion Paste1

 This time I use this much onions as you can see in the picture.

 Cut the onions first. I cut the onions along the fiber, just like the picture shown below.

Onion Paste2

You don’t have to be that nervous. You just want to try to cut them into the same thickness.

 Put some butter into a pot and heat it. Once the butter is melted, put the onions.

Onion Paste3

As you can see, there are quite a lot of onions, aren’t there? You will stir-fry them with a wooden spatula. At the beginning, over high heat is good. You need to make sure to keep stirring over the high heat.

 The moisture of the onions will come out and it will be soft.

Onion Paste4

 It is just like this picture. When the water from the onions is getting dissipated and the onions are getting attached to the bottom of the pan, reduce the heat. If it burned a little, turn off the heat and cover that part with the onions and try to rub it with a wooden spatula for a while.

 It would cook faster over high heat. However, it is easy to burn. it is probably the best to cook this over low to medium heat. When it is almost done, it would burn easy even with low heat…

when you adjust the heat well and stir well, it gets the color gradually. When you keep doing this process, it will become the picture shown below.

Onion Paste5

Please stir-fry until this condition. You can see how small the quantity of the onions has gotten. At my restaurant, I cook this onion paste while taking the costumers’ order. The cooking time varies depending on the situations. However, I think it usually takes 3 hours or so for me.

 Remove from the heat and place it in the cooking bat or tupperware. Wrap the surface on the paste and avoid to make it dry. Let it cool completely. Done!!

 If you melt this into Consommé and adjust the saltiness, it is going to be an onion soup!